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Monday, November 3, 2008

The Nemesis of Search Engine Optimisation

There are man things money can buy; such as the services of a good SEO karachi agency. However there are some things which not only transcend the power of money but also dilute the impact of the services that have already been undertaken. These are the inherent constrains in a website that are overlooked at the time of developed as design agencies do not always keep in mind your search engine optimisation plans when developing a website. This results in unwarranted disputes and numerous delays always resulting in additional costs. These can be easily overcome if at the time of developed a few factors are kept in mind.Typically there are 2 kinds of websites that we come across regularly. Static website that are developed in HTML and Dynamic website that are a lot more complex and use data bases and server side scripting languages to display results. Optimisation of static website is relatively straightforward where through the FTP most SEO karachi can be implemented. The trouble comes with dynamic websites where often the facilities do not exist to make the basic changes.
As part of most search engine optimisation (SEO karachi) strategies the following are a list of activities that are routinely carried out.
1. Meta tag optimisation 2. Addition of static content to dynamic pages 3. Optimisation of internal links 4. Conversion of dynamic URL's to static URL's 5. Modification of site maps
1. Meta tag optimisation
There are 3 key parts to Meta tags. These Meta title, Meta description and Meta keywords. In many websites these are dynamically generated based on certain pre-defined rules where the information is picked up from certain parts of a page. Although their relevance has been consistently debated there is no denying that having well optimised and relevant Meta tags are part of best practices and can also influence your click through ratios. The design agency should provide the facility where, depending your SEO karachi strategy you should be able to easily overwrite the dynamic Meta tags making them as relevant as possible.
2. Addition of static content to dynamic pages
With a large number of e-commerce websites there are enough tools that provide cleaver facility to mange products, cross selling and other functionality. As most of these pages are dynamically generated many of these do not really exist. Hence most searches will result in either the home pages or top level pages appearing on search results which can loose a lot of your visitors. The website should have the provision where the products can be dynamically generated but at the same time have content that is static.
3. Optimisation of internal links
While most focus on developing backlinks from external websites, one of the most effective search engine optimisation (SEO karachi) techniques is to effectively interlink pages within your website. If you see a Wikipedia page it is full of anchor texts that link to relevant content within the website. A website's content management should have the functionality where content can be easily hyperlinked.
4. URL modification
Dynamic websites often have URL that have long query strings consisting on numerous characters that mean very little to user and even less to search engines. There are tools available that can be installed on the server such as mod_rewrite ISAPI-rewrite depending on the servers that you are using. These can dramatically alter the long complicated ulr's into addresses that are meaningful giving a boost to your SEO karachi rankings and user experience.
5. Modification of Sitemaps
Each successful website evolves overtime in its technology, products and marketing strategy. With the growth comes a colossal amount of information which at times gets lost in the website or otherwise looses a user. A site map is a blueprint of website which should allow the webmaster to dynamically keep it up to date with the growing demands of the website There are many website that maintain it diligently during the initial states only to overlook it when other things take priority.
By equipping your website with the functionality to make the above changes, you will be giving your SEO karachi karachi agency the best possible chances for collaborating with the web design agency and in implementing changes.

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