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Monday, November 3, 2008

What we need to consider before we go with seo karachi?

1. When you offer seo karachi services to customers most of them say that they just want to be at position 1 on a certain keywords. The time and cost for seo karachi depends on the keywords. Each keyword gives different number of results and the more the results the more the competition. "Student Clothing" gives 52 million results and "Student Clothing in UK" gives 12 million results so the 2nd keyword is easier to climb up to the top than the first. When the client agrees for seo karachi ask him/her to provide the list of keywords. Then we do a research on those keywords and based on that we give the cost and time. 2. There are no guarantees for first position. We can give guarantees for the site to show up on first 3 pages. The reason is that the sites you see on first 3 pages keep shuffling with time as everyone is in the race and competing at the same time. If we are on 1st today, we can move up or down a few places tomorrow. 3. Once a site makes it to the first 3 pages, then if we just close the project and just leave it, it will disappear in a few weeks. This is because Google and Yahoo keeps changing it's method of ranking sites and so we constantly need to work on the site to keep it up there. 4. Once a project is confirmed then it is seo karachi Company's job to set the title, description, keywords on the site as well as add extra info and link pages on the site. A lot of research work goes in to this. On the link page seo karachi companies add URLs for other sites from the same industry and those sites add the client's site address on their sites. This is called link exchange and link building. Clients will have to understand this has to be done on their site. 5. The most important thing in seo karachi is patience. Most clients' think that the site will gain top ranking in a week and when it doesn't they start to get frustrated as they feel they are spending money with no results. They need to be told that it takes time to gain top ranking. The first thing is to get the site indexed on all the keywords so they start seeing the site in the search. This takes about a month. From there it gradually starts to move up but to get to the first 3 pages it can take up to 2 or 3 months. The main thing is that if they see it climbing they should have faith and understand it will eventually get right up there. 6. At times the site design has to be compromised. If there is only flash and images on the site homepage then it won't get them anywhere on seo karachi so they need to change the design to more text than graphic. Should the student clothing client wish to have seo karachi, some paragraphs of text will have to be added on the homepage.
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