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Friday, November 21, 2008


SEO GURU(Search Engine Optimization) mean optimize you web page friendly with Search Engine. That's very easy to read buy very difficult to implement. You know how to optimize you page for Search Engine like? I would like to share my experience over SEO GURU. I create new website last 4 months about comparison service. I believe in my mind I would like visitor to get the best benefit as much as they can. So I try to find any products and compare with many shops. That's the point of this site.

After it done 60%-80% I submit many directories (some are good and some bad). As I remember around 1,200 directories. On that time I don't concern about bad site and good site I know only "Submit". I use around a month with submit directory and later I change and update website to be the best. I have separate page for reciprocal link as well.

After 3 months, I just check my backlink by SEO GURU Elite and WOW. Only 20 directories have backlink to my site (from 1,200). Look terrible for me about "Submit Directory" Then I think submit directory is not work for me anymore so I try to use Social Bookmarking (Digg, etc..). Social bookmark can drive traffic but mostly no backlinks.
I try to learn about SEO GURU technique from many forums site and found some technique to "Post Comment in Blog". I think this way is the best to generate backlinks.

For blog comment I have some tips to find related site you can try phase below in Google. inurl:blog "post a comment" -"comments closed" -"you must be logged in" "any niche keyword" mean you select only .edu website.
Inurl:blog mean must has "blog" in domain "post a comment" mean specified to page can post comment
-"comments closed" mean show result only active comment posted
-"you must be logged in" mean show result that don't need to register/login
"any niche keyword" mean you keyword related to your site Enjoy.


I try to comment many blog and yes I get some backlinks from their sites. But most of them "Nofollow" but don't be serious you still get backlinks except PR transfer. Don' worry.
Anyway, for submit directory I think I will be back to submit again but I need to select the quality link only. Most of quality link you need to reciprocal for sure.
And the last one you MUST be concern is you content should be complete. You need to usually update your site (On page) to be friendly too.
I believe this is not my last article about SEO GURU. I try to do many things for SEO GURU and Traffic boost up. About the author
Get the Cheapest Price Comparison. Update Sony Digital SLR and Motorcycle Helmet


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Monday, November 10, 2008

Critical On-Page SEO karachi Techniques

By Christopher Shireman

I can not tell you how many times people have come to me asking why they are not getting listed highly in the search engines, or even listed at all. They actually think that just by putting a website on the internet that everyone in the world will be able to find their site and buy all their stuff. If things were that simple, you wouldn't be reading this.

In order to rank highly in search engines, there are several things that you need to do. The first is on-page optimization, which is what is being discussed here. This is the way that search engines view your website, and rank it against all the other websites that are out there based on the content of the website. There is also off-page optimization, which is a huge factor in determining how your website is ranked in the search engines.

You can think of on-page optimization like the tie breaker for websites. If there are two websites that cover the same topic with the same amount of off-page optimization, the one with the better on-page optimization will get a higher ranking than the one with poor on-page optimization. With thousands of websites out there try to get the number one spot for their keywords, you need to make sure that you have as big of an advantage as possible.

What goes into on-page Seo karachi? You will first have to decide which keywords you are targeting. This can be done in many different ways depending on what kind of site you are running. Let's say that you are building an Adsense website, just to keep things simple. You have chosen the most profitable keywords that you can find and you are ready to start building your site.

The first thing you need to do is put your keywords in the title of your webpage. If you are targeting two or three keywords for a page, you will need to put all of them in the title. You still need to be careful, if you do this the wrong way the search engines can penalize you. Here is an example of some of the keywords that I used for one of my sites where Real Estate was my primary keyword.

Real Estate Investment
Real Estate Course
Realtor Guide

Here is the wrong way to put these keywords in the title

Real Estate Investment and Real Estate Course and Realtor Guide.

This is too long, repeats the words "Real Estate", and uses the very un-useful word "and", at least where titles are concerned. Here is a better way to build a title for a page with these target keywords

Real Estate Investment Course | Realtor Guide

Notice what I have done here. I have combined two of the keywords together into one, which is fine because search engines will actually read both of these words separately and categorize them as "almost" the same words. I also got rid of the word "and" as a way of joining the words together. This saves space and still allows you to include multiple keywords in the title. Search engines do not like long titles that just have keywords in them. It is a big problem that a lot of people think will help them climb the search engine ranking, but what actually happens is their site gets banned from the search engine all together, so don't try it.

The next thing that you need to consider for on-page Seo karachi purposes is the use of H1 and H2 tags in the code. You can think of H1 (header 1) tags as the titles of the webpages and the H2 tags as the subtitles. Whenever possible the H1 tags contain the keywords you are optimizing for. Your secondary keywords should be in the H2 tags. Search engines will give more importance to the keywords that it finds in these tags, and I highly recommend their use. Don't go crazy and try to put 100 keywords in the H1 tags, it will only get you in trouble.

When you are writing your article for your website, or if you have downloaded an article, try to make sure that the keywords you are optimizing for are repeated in the main body of the article several times. Don't go overboard here, just make it sound like the words should be there naturally. You should also be using the bold and italic options on a few of the keywords in the article. Again, don't format every instance of these words, just a few times will make the search engines very happy.

Another trick that I like to use for on-page optimization is image alt tags. You should definitely have images in your website, and these images should have alt tags, or alternate text for text based browsers. The content of these alt tags should be your keywords, but you should only be using one keyword per image. Trying to include too many keywords in an image alt tag is just asking for trouble. If you are really clever you can name your images things like "real_estate_investment_img1.jpg". This gets your keyword onto the page in a way that search engines will not find suspisous, but that they will still count for your benefit.
For more information about search engine optimization and other ways to improve website income, check out seo karachi

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More About Effective SEO karachi Techniques

By Tom Ross

If you like to increase the traffic that your site gets, and have it on each first page of various search engines, then you should know how to apply effective Seo karachi techniques to your site. Effective Seo karachi techniques will enable you to reach your goal of optimizing your website. A lot of site owners have been successful with the help of these techniques, if you apply it, you will also be among those who are constantly on top of search engine rankings.
If you are really bent on making your site popular and helpful to web users, various kinds of Seo karachi techniques are just the help that you might need. With these effective techniques, not only will you be able to provide more useful and more helpful information to the visitors of your site, you will also be able to increase the ranking of your search engine results.
Effective Seo karachi techniques are mainly used to optimize your site, in order for you to receive a possibly high result position in search engines. It has been reported that sixty-five percent of the websites which have been viewed began with the help of a search engine. If you want users to see your site through this method, then you should get a higher result position. And what better way to do this than to use effective Seo karachi techniques.
If your site has a good result position in a search engine, it will top search lists when viewers look for certain topic information. Your site will probably be found within the first and, at the top of the list. If ever your website is located at farther pages or at the last page, the results of a search engine won't be able to provide you with any traffic.
Once you have applied all of the effective Seo karachi techniques, you will be greatly benefited. Just give search engines enough time to assess your website, and in due time, the traffic for your site will be increasing. A lot of viewers will be visiting it, returning from time to time since they find your site very insightful.
--------------------About the Author:Tom Ross is a professional article writer and owner of Seo He provides practical and free information for website owners which help them to increase their chances of being seen on the web. Visit Seo karachi basics today! We have an ongoing need for new members who have Seo karachi experience to share with our readers. Visit Tom's website today! Seo karachi basics
*Free* (Web Marketing) Training With TJ Harris
From: TJHarris7

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Monday, November 3, 2008

Basics of Search Engine Optimization?

This is in continuation to our previous article in which we discussed what a web site owner should know about search engine optimization and told in detail what are the main steps in search engine optimization. Now we would like to discuss why a web master need search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is simply an effort to replace normal marketing and sales efforts. It's like you are hiring some one to do your on line sales.
Main objective of Search engine optimization is to have more sales on site. However search engine optimization results can be divided in phases like:

1. Indexing on Search engines 2. Page rank 3. Ranking of keywords 4. Increase in unique visitors visiting site 5. Increase in search on most relevant keywords 6. Increase in Sales

We can further divide Search engine optimization in phases as per results and working procedure.

There are several steps in Search engine optimization but these can be group together in

1. Analysis and reporting 2. Network Building 3. Link Building 4. Research

Here we can use Network building for Increase in unique visitors visiting site, Increase in search on most relevant keywords and finally Increase in Sales. Similarly link building is important for Page rank ranking of keywords.

Search engine optimization procedures are not difficult but need very close and regular analysis and timely decisions to avoid wastage of efforts and to get required results in shortest possible time.

Search engines keep changing their algorithm to rank sites so research is one of the most important aspect of Search engine optimization and any organization or individual involved in search engine optimization can not bring required results if they are out of touch from recent trends in search engine optimization.

There are lots of resources available to keep yourself equipped with latest trends and information related to Search Engine optimization. However brain storming is must to have right decision.
Search Engine Optimization Tutorial - Google Site Command
From: mixer28

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What we need to consider before we go with seo karachi?

1. When you offer seo karachi services to customers most of them say that they just want to be at position 1 on a certain keywords. The time and cost for seo karachi depends on the keywords. Each keyword gives different number of results and the more the results the more the competition. "Student Clothing" gives 52 million results and "Student Clothing in UK" gives 12 million results so the 2nd keyword is easier to climb up to the top than the first. When the client agrees for seo karachi ask him/her to provide the list of keywords. Then we do a research on those keywords and based on that we give the cost and time. 2. There are no guarantees for first position. We can give guarantees for the site to show up on first 3 pages. The reason is that the sites you see on first 3 pages keep shuffling with time as everyone is in the race and competing at the same time. If we are on 1st today, we can move up or down a few places tomorrow. 3. Once a site makes it to the first 3 pages, then if we just close the project and just leave it, it will disappear in a few weeks. This is because Google and Yahoo keeps changing it's method of ranking sites and so we constantly need to work on the site to keep it up there. 4. Once a project is confirmed then it is seo karachi Company's job to set the title, description, keywords on the site as well as add extra info and link pages on the site. A lot of research work goes in to this. On the link page seo karachi companies add URLs for other sites from the same industry and those sites add the client's site address on their sites. This is called link exchange and link building. Clients will have to understand this has to be done on their site. 5. The most important thing in seo karachi is patience. Most clients' think that the site will gain top ranking in a week and when it doesn't they start to get frustrated as they feel they are spending money with no results. They need to be told that it takes time to gain top ranking. The first thing is to get the site indexed on all the keywords so they start seeing the site in the search. This takes about a month. From there it gradually starts to move up but to get to the first 3 pages it can take up to 2 or 3 months. The main thing is that if they see it climbing they should have faith and understand it will eventually get right up there. 6. At times the site design has to be compromised. If there is only flash and images on the site homepage then it won't get them anywhere on seo karachi so they need to change the design to more text than graphic. Should the student clothing client wish to have seo karachi, some paragraphs of text will have to be added on the homepage.
For more details and consultancy zubairAhmed seo karachi.....

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ABCs of Search Engine Optimization

Follow the ABC's of search engine optimization:
A - Alt Tags

All images should include ALT tags. The ALT attribute in HTML is used for three main reasons: the ALT tag provides further details about an image or hyperlinked graphic, the ALT Tags enhances web access for individuals with vision impairments. The ALT tags will also help search engines discern what an image represents.

B - Bandwidth

Compress images and use a mixture of text with images to conserve bandwidth and help your webpages load quickly. Use good design techniques to reduce bandwidth and maintain a fast loading website. This will save both storage space and data transfer allowances.

C - Content Management System

Many businesses have adopted CMS systems for web design. Unfortunately these systems are not always designed to be search friendly.

D - Description

Each page of a website should contain a unique, and relevant description. The description should make use of relevant keywords and keyword phrases.

E - Error Page (404)

Use a custom 404 page to capture any traffic from mistyped URLs or abandoned web pages. Sometimes it takes a while for the search engines to catch up to abandoned pages, so they may send traffic to a web page that no longer exists. Using a custom 404 web page in order that you capture the traffic and provide visitors navigation options.

F - Fresh Content

Fresh content is the corner stone of search engine optimization. New content shows that a website is updated on a regular basis. Content is a critical part of search engine optimization. A website must contain both unique and fresh content to rank well.

G - Google

Google dominates other search engines, so it is important for webmasters to optimize pages in a way that will help the web page perform well in a Google search.

H - Header Tags / H1

Use H1 Tags in the HTML to emphasize keywords or sub-headings on a webpage.

I - Image Optimization

Images should be optimized for web pages. Use standard web formats and compress the images without compromising quality. It is important to specify the width and the height of your images in the HTML code. If the height and width of the image is not specified, the web browser will have to reposition the text once the pictures load, consuming more time.

J - Javascript

Avoid the use of javascript for navigation. Search engine spiders often have a difficult time following javascript links.

K - Keywords

Keywords are the hallmark of search engine optimization. Keywords should be integrated into the body of the website and the meta tags of the web page.

L -Link Building

Link building is an important aspect of SEO. In order for a website to generate organic ranking. Submit the website to large directories and niche portals to generate incoming links.

M - Meta Tags

Meta tags should be defined and included in all of the web page's HTML header information. Each web page on a website should contain unique meta tags.

N - Navigation

Not only is it important to have a clear navigational structure for human visitors, but also one for search engine spiders which follow a website's links to index the web page's contents. Have a navigation structure that is viewable by both web visitors and search spiders.

O - Optimize

Optimization is a continuous process. Optimize the website and monitor web logs to determine the effectiveness of the changes that you have made.

P - PageRank

PageRank is one of the methods Google uses to determine the relevance or importance of a web page. PageRank is a vote, by all the other web pages on the Internet, about how important a Web page is. To raise PageRank, one must have a large number of incoming links from trusted sources.

Q - Quality Link

There is more to linking than just getting a large number of incoming links. The quality of the incoming links is important as well.

R - Robots.txt

Robots.txt files should be used to tell search engines what web pages should and should not be spidered.

S - Social Bookmarks and Social Networks

Social bookmarks and social networks can be using to build incoming link structure.

T - Title

All web pages within a website should contain unique title tags. Titles should include keywords and be descriptive in nature.

U - URLs

URLs are also part of search engine optimization. Using hyphenated keywords to name the sub-pages of a website has been known to play a role in search engine ranking.

V - Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is a marketing strategy that encourages people to pass along messages to others in order to generate added exposure. The viral piece is a self-propagating practice or pattern of Internet use that moves from person to person.

W - Web Design

Web design should not focus solely on aesthetics. The design should be done with search engine optimization in mind. X - XML XML is eXtensible Markup Language it is used as a standard to transfer data.

Y - Yahoo

Yahoo still has one of the best web directories. Be sure to manually submit your website to the Yahoo Directory.

Z - ZeeEnd

About the author
About the Author: Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll software for creating, editing, publishing RSS feeds and podcasts. In addition Sharon manages marketing for RecordForAll audio recording and editing software<....moor

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Seven Tips for Killer SEO karachi

As one of the cornerstones of internet marketing, search engine optimisation (or SEO karachi) is an important component in ensuring a site's success and longevity. Certainly, SEO karachi is becoming increasingly popular and well-recognised as a legitimate marketing technique, especially with more and more businesses moving online or, at the very least, setting up websites as a compliment to their existing marketing channels.
Of course, having a website is the just the starting point for effectively marketing yourself or your business online. Other factors such as usability also play a role, but that is perhaps a topic for another day.

When it comes to do-it-yourself SEO karachi, there's really no shortage of advice available on the best way to optimise for search. There are a plethora of blogs and websites dedicated to internet marketing related issues, some of which provide useful and concise advice, and others that don't.

At the end of the day, there really is no substitute for experience, and so I've compiled a list of seven top tips for killer SEO karachi.

1. Benchmarking

The online landscape is forever changing. For this reason, it's important to be aware what is happening on your competitors' websites, not just in terms of rankings, but in terms of where they position themselves in the market.

Also, benchmarking yourself allows you to accurately assess the relative successes of your own internet marketing efforts.

2. Unique Meta-Data

You should create unique meta-data for each page on your website. The title tag is perhaps the most important, and should contain keywords that describe the page.

The description and keyword meta-data do not appear to play an important role in most major search engine's algorithms, however, they are a good place to present your proposition clearly.

The meta description tag for example is what is displayed as the page description on many search engine results pages. This is why it's important that these are well written in a way that will encourage click-throughs. Once again, use keywords that relate to the page.

3. Content

Content and content structure is very important in SEO karachi. Content should be unique and not duplicated anywhere else on the internet. Your content strategy should be based on a carefully researched keyword strategy.

Content writers should also ideally understand some SEO karachi basics such as keyword usage, and, from an accessibility point of view, how to write for the web.

4. Internal and External Linking Structures

Linking is an important part of the way search engines determine relevance and, subsequently, rankings.

It's important to have quality inbound links from relevant sources. These links should not only be to your homepage either, but rather deep links to relevant pages in the site. Avoid link-farms and gratuitous link exchanges as these offer no value.

Internal linking in your site shows search engines what pages are important and can also give an indication what your site is about. In this regard, it's also useful to consider your directory structure carefully - how you group and link content says a lot to search engines about your authority on a topic, and this influences rankings.

Remember to use proper anchor text to link pages. This anchor text should contain keywords that describe the pages to which they are linking. "Click here" and "read more" are a waste of valuable online real-estate.

5. Semantic URLs

Avoid using URLs that are overly long or contain masses of variables. It's far better to use static URLs which contain keywords. Also, as mentioned above, it's a good idea to think carefully about your directory structure.

For example, if you sell blue widgets, rather than having a URL like prod=2/id=123, use something like instead. This can be achieved by using mod-rewrites.

6. Images Instead of Text for Headings

Many sites use images as their headings. Search engine robots can not read text in images - and can therefore not see your heading (which is some of the most important text on the page!) if it's in a picture.

It's much better to use proper heading () tags in your mark-up and to style the headings using style-sheets.

7. Add a Sitemap

Google's search master guidelines specify that each page on your site should be linked to from at least one static anchor text link. One way to ensure that this best practise is adhered to is to create an HTML sitemap, and link to it from your site's footer.

Remember to use proper anchor text for the link text, and to arrange the links in a logical taxonomy. You should also use full URLs (i.e. About the author
AlterSage is a specialist Internet marketing consultancy based in South Africa, serving clients both locally and abroad. The wide range of customised Internet marketing services offered include search engine optimisation and pay per click campaign management

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The Value of Meta-Data

A question that gets asked a lot by clients and those interested in search engine optimisation (SEO karachi), is whether there is any point or indeed any value in including meta-data on pages in their site. The short answer is "yes"!What is meta-data?
Meta-data is information about the page. It's not necessarily meant for human users and it serves to tell search engines and web browsers more about your page. This data is found within the < head > section of each webpage.
There are various meta-data elements. The ones that are most important to SEO karachi's are the title, description and keywords tags, however there are a number of others that can also be included on each page.
The language tag for example specifies the natural language of the document, and the meta-robots tag for Google instructs the Googlebot (the Google spider that crawls the web) on how to crawl your site. This tag includes commands such as noindex, nofollow and noarchive. If this tag is used - you can cause the Googlebot not to index, follow links or archive certain pages on your site.
Why bother with meta-data?
It is true that many search engines, in fact most of the major engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN place little value on the meta-keywords and meta-description tags when it comes to ranking pages and relevance.
However, the title tag does carry a fair amount of weight in ranking algorithms - and it's important to have unique, relevant and keyword rich title tags for each page.
This aside, it's considered a best practise to use meta-data and a number of smaller search engines still do use meta-data as part of their ranking algorithms.
Other than the added advantage of possibly netting additional traffic from more obscure search engines, meta-data does have role to play in attracting traffic your site. The meta-description for example is the information or excerpt that is displayed below the link (which is the title-tag) on the Google search results page (SERP).
To maximise value in the description make use of keywords that apply to the page and include a description of the page's content and, where applicable, a call to action. Bear in mind that most search engines bold the search terms in the SERPs so it's worthwhile including these in meta-data for added emphasis.
Some general guidelines to writing meta-data
The best rule of thumb is to keep the information in your meta-data as short, concise and descriptive as possible, while still including keyphrases.
Brevity is key, otherwise you wind up diluting your important keyphrases with superfluous keywords.
Remember that meta-data is often displayed in the SERPs, so make sure that the meta-title and meta-description are well written and appealing.
It's also best to use the main keyphrase first in your meta-data - and to avoid repetition, you don't want to look like a spammer. About the authorAlterSage is an internet marketing consultancy based in Cape Town, South Africa offering a wide variety of tailor-made e-marketing solutions to clients. Online marketing services include search engine optimisation (SEO karachi), pay per click advertising, social media marketing and affiliate marketing.........moor

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How to Make Money Online Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO karachi)

If really want to know how to make money online, then first get yourself a website. Once you have done that, use search engine optimization, or SEO karachi, to give yourself the best opportunity for your site to be listed high enough on the Google search engine result listings as to provide you with sufficient free advertising to enable you to make money.Of course, you need a product, but these are easy to find. You can sell somebody else's product under an affiliate program, buy the Private Label Rights to an ebook and change it to be your own, or even create your own. None of these is difficult to do if you know how to do it, and you have many different options as to the type of website you might want to use to make it easier for you.
I am going to skip what should be the topic of other articles, and go straight to SEO karachi, because it is good search engine optimization that will get you a high listing. There are many ways in which you can format both your HTML/CSS and the text on your page to make sure that you get the best possible result given the keyword you are using, and the content of your web page.
Some of these involve optimization with the HEAD section of the source code, that is not seen by the reader but us certainly used by the search engine spiders in their algorithmic calculations of the relevance of your page to the keyword, and others with respect to the contents of the BODY section of your page, that both spiders and readers will see.
Before discussing these, though, let's first discuss keywords and what they actually are. Keywords are the most important part of internet marketing, but many people still do not fully understand what they are. If you want to make money online using search engine optimization, you have to fully understand keywords and their use in SEO karachi.
If you are searching for information online for, say, the history of canal locks, you might use the term 'history of canal locks', or just 'canal locks', or even 'the history of locks'. These terms are keywords, whether they consist of one word or more than one. Let's look at 'the history of locks'. Google first removes what are known as the 'stop' words, such as 'the', 'a', 'of' and 'and'.
It then looks for web pages in their listings that contain all of the individual words left in your keyword, of which in this example there are two - 'history' and 'locks', then those that contain only one. If your web page has been listed, the search engine spiders will have determined the relevance of it to the keyword, and then to the partial keyword. It will then list all the pages it finds containing 'history' and 'locks' according to the calculated relevance to these words.
This is where your search engine optimization comes into effect: you have to persuade the search engines that your web page is more relevant to the search term, or keyword, than any other, and your success, or lack of it, will be reflected in your search engine position. Hence the importance of SEO karachi.
You can emphasize that importance by including the keywords in your TITLE tag, that only search engine spiders will see, and also in H1 heading tags that readers will see. You can use the keyword in strategic positions, such as in your first 100 characters and in the final paragraph, and also restrict its use to no more than twice in your first 500 characters, and no more than around 4 or 5 times in a 400 word article. Some believe even that to be too many these days.
You also have to use language and vocabulary that allows the spiders to determine that your web page is about canal locks and not security locks, since the title 'the History of Locks' does not offer that distinction. That is where Google's latent semantic indexing (LSI) algorithm comes into play.
There are many other ways in which you can make money online using search engine optimization on your web pages, and once you have learned and applied these in your internet marketing campaigns you will have a better chance than most of getting your web page listed high in the Google listings, and those of the other search engines, and so getting you lots of free advertising that is critical to your success
Once you have perfected your SEO karachi, you should use Article Marketing to secure your success.......moor

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The Nemesis of Search Engine Optimisation

There are man things money can buy; such as the services of a good SEO karachi agency. However there are some things which not only transcend the power of money but also dilute the impact of the services that have already been undertaken. These are the inherent constrains in a website that are overlooked at the time of developed as design agencies do not always keep in mind your search engine optimisation plans when developing a website. This results in unwarranted disputes and numerous delays always resulting in additional costs. These can be easily overcome if at the time of developed a few factors are kept in mind.Typically there are 2 kinds of websites that we come across regularly. Static website that are developed in HTML and Dynamic website that are a lot more complex and use data bases and server side scripting languages to display results. Optimisation of static website is relatively straightforward where through the FTP most SEO karachi can be implemented. The trouble comes with dynamic websites where often the facilities do not exist to make the basic changes.
As part of most search engine optimisation (SEO karachi) strategies the following are a list of activities that are routinely carried out.
1. Meta tag optimisation 2. Addition of static content to dynamic pages 3. Optimisation of internal links 4. Conversion of dynamic URL's to static URL's 5. Modification of site maps
1. Meta tag optimisation
There are 3 key parts to Meta tags. These Meta title, Meta description and Meta keywords. In many websites these are dynamically generated based on certain pre-defined rules where the information is picked up from certain parts of a page. Although their relevance has been consistently debated there is no denying that having well optimised and relevant Meta tags are part of best practices and can also influence your click through ratios. The design agency should provide the facility where, depending your SEO karachi strategy you should be able to easily overwrite the dynamic Meta tags making them as relevant as possible.
2. Addition of static content to dynamic pages
With a large number of e-commerce websites there are enough tools that provide cleaver facility to mange products, cross selling and other functionality. As most of these pages are dynamically generated many of these do not really exist. Hence most searches will result in either the home pages or top level pages appearing on search results which can loose a lot of your visitors. The website should have the provision where the products can be dynamically generated but at the same time have content that is static.
3. Optimisation of internal links
While most focus on developing backlinks from external websites, one of the most effective search engine optimisation (SEO karachi) techniques is to effectively interlink pages within your website. If you see a Wikipedia page it is full of anchor texts that link to relevant content within the website. A website's content management should have the functionality where content can be easily hyperlinked.
4. URL modification
Dynamic websites often have URL that have long query strings consisting on numerous characters that mean very little to user and even less to search engines. There are tools available that can be installed on the server such as mod_rewrite ISAPI-rewrite depending on the servers that you are using. These can dramatically alter the long complicated ulr's into addresses that are meaningful giving a boost to your SEO karachi rankings and user experience.
5. Modification of Sitemaps
Each successful website evolves overtime in its technology, products and marketing strategy. With the growth comes a colossal amount of information which at times gets lost in the website or otherwise looses a user. A site map is a blueprint of website which should allow the webmaster to dynamically keep it up to date with the growing demands of the website There are many website that maintain it diligently during the initial states only to overlook it when other things take priority.
By equipping your website with the functionality to make the above changes, you will be giving your SEO karachi karachi agency the best possible chances for collaborating with the web design agency and in implementing changes.

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

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